Productize 2.0 ;-)



After only a few months we are happy to tell you about the new team, new mission and hence new website.

We started Productize as a rapid prototyping agency. We gained some traction but were also asked to do many things around the prototypes, enlarging the scope we originally had envisioned.

This is why from 2015 and on, Productize does not only offer you pre-production of hardware in the Internet of Things area but also Strategic consulting in order to define how you should embrace the trend and Technical advice to validate your assumptions.

Mixed with rapid prototyping, this recipe gives our customers ‘garage start up agility’ in the Internet of Things. We of course offer project management to perfect the dish.

Drop us a line and we will discuss with you how your organisation will benefit from the Internet of things and don’t forget, “if you don’t disrupt your industry, someone else will” *and it will be thanks to connected objects* (original quote edited by Productize).