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As an Internet of Things Agency, we provide strategic advice, technical expertise and prototyping abilities to help you turn concepts into tangible products. Our approach allows faster and cost-efficient delivery of innovation projects, to help you go from idea generation to physical product development and market testing, before mass-production. This is a challenging process especially for startups.

We have specifically designed affordable packages to help you successfully rollout IoT projects

Save money, save time and get it done!

Select one of our 4 packages

IoT tips & tricks

You have a great idea and you don’t know where to start?

This free 2-hour meeting with our experts will provide concrete tips tailored to your project.

I'm in!

Proof of Concept

You have a great idea and need to make it happen?

Walk out with a functional proof of concept to validate the idea and showcase investors.

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You want to bring your Arduino prototype to the next level?

Walk out with PCB design, a fully functional prototype, and validation for mass production.

Let's do it!

Genius bar

You are stuck on a hardware-related issue on your project?

Walk out with a free assessment of the next steps and maybe an instant solution.

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IoT tips & tricks

Testing an initial idea or already churning out prototypes? Whatever stage you are in, congrats! We are excited for you! Hardware startups are challenging, yet also very rewarding! In software you can easily iterate. Hardware startups are less forgiving. The majority of hardware startups fail because of that lack in process management needed to cover all your bases. That comes with experience. At Productize we work on multiple startups, hacks and projects at any one time. We are fascinated with bringing objects to life! The rigor and creative insight we’ve developed over the course of our  journey has helped us to overcome many barriers. Those insights we want to share with you.

Contact us for a free 2h session of tips and tricks and let’s get to work.

Proof of Concept

Have an idea? Don’t know where to start? Before cranking out the toolkit and getting everything connected, let’s build a POC and test some assumptions! The key here is to ask all the right questions  to make sure you find out where the real product-market fit is! Waste no time and get off from a  good start. We help you get on the right path with a proof of concept in your hands.

Contact us to know more about the conditions for this exceptional offer.


Looking to build a look-like or work-like prototype? Or perhaps take it to the next level and into mass  production? It’s a whole different ballgame to get your ideas ready for manufacturing in China. Your  designs need to be optimized for manufacturing and assembly, QA procedures need to be in check.  We’ve been there before. Let’s make sure you have everything on your radar for a successful launch  of your project!

Contact us to know more about the conditions for this exceptional offer.

Genius bar

Tell us where you’re at and what you’re struggling with. Most likely we’ve struggled with the same!  Small issue or big issue, technical or business related, abstract or concrete, we are glad to be of  assistance. Visit the lab or shoot us a message to diagnose the issue and be on your merry way.

Contact us to know more about the conditions for this exceptional offer.

Benefits from funding to help you get started

On top of our exclusive offer, many initiatives can help you fund your innovation project. Below are some examples.

Innoviris can provide funding to help you finance research project.

Evaluate and Shape are two good examples

Creative Wallonia offers incentives to build to innovative projects.

Check out Prototyping and Boost-up initiatives.

IWT finances innovation projects in Flanders

You can find more information on their innovation platform

Funding opportunities for startups & SMEs in Flanders

You can find more information here

Useful links

Additional information can be found on the following websites: FlandersDC, AgoriaInnovatiecentrum

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