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madparts electronics footprint generator 2.0 release

  The Open Source madparts electronics footprint generator tool has been in use since its initial release at Productize. While the core functionality worked fine the library management code contained in it leaved to desire and started to be a problem when handling with the huge number of electronic parts we deal with at Productize. This is solved in […]

KiCad BOM generation

BOM (Bill Of Materials) generation is an important and usually cumbersome part of doing electronics.  KiCad has two ways to generate a BOM: from the schematic and from the layout. Layout based In pcbnew select from the menu: File -> Fabrication outputs -> BOM file. This generates a simple CSV (Comma Separated Value)  file with the […]

Innovation Project Manager

Context Productize is a Belgian Internet of Things agency. We work on innovative new product concepts and hardware product development. We provide business services, technical expertise, and hardware prototyping capabilities to our clients. Productize is now looking for an innovation project manager to work on several implementation projects. Your role Business strategy and product management activities during projects: market […]

segger j-link loadbin vs loadfile

Using the segger J-Link to directly upload firmware using SWD to micro-controllers has always been a bit cumbersome. One of the problems is that it required a binary file with just the raw binary data and you had to explicitly give the location the binary data has to be written to as an argument. loadbin […]

EFM32 bootloader scripted FW update

The Silabs Energy Micro EFM32 ARM-Cortex microcontrollers support updating the firmware in the chip via a bootloader. The chips come with the bootloader pre-installed by default. So far I haven’t had much luck using this bootloader as my quest to get it working usually was quickly suspended by me overwriting the bootloader and then failing […]

driving WS2812 programmable RGB LEDs using hardware SPI

There is quite some interesting information on the internet already on driving WS2812 programmable LEDs already: eliaselectronics.com   But the most interesting one I found was this one: cpldcpu.wordpress.com Especially the timing tables it contains, and especially the concluding one, which I took the liberty to copy here:   The WS2812 has a single data […]