a peek inside the shielding can of the Bluegiga BLE113 Bluetooth Low Energy module

In an earlier blog post I took a look at the inside of the BLE112.  This time a BLE113 based board had ceased to work. A great opportunity to take another peek!

This is the BLE113 with its shielding can still in place:



And here it is without:







No surprises here again. At the core is the Texas Instruments CC2541 SoC.  Some filter capacitors are added above and below it. The top right little can is the 32kHz low speed oscillator. Under it in the center sits the ceramic balun for the antenna. The can under that is the 32Mhz main oscillator. Each oscillator has two more capacitors. On the top right are the capacitors for the antenna and on the bottom right is the ceramic antenna.

A nice and small board!