Android 4.3 Bluetooth Smart service caching

Random fact: Android 4.3 caches Bluetooth Smart services. When you change the services on a test device, a reboot is needed or your app will keep seeing the old services. (At least on my Nexus 4)



testing Re:Load Pro programmable load

Brand new +Arachnid Labs  Re:load Pro programmable load burning 400mA @ 60V with no issue 🙂


Mcp6021 ym2413 audio amp prototyping




Some quick audio amp prototyping based on an MCP6021 opamp lying around.


custom LED boards

Oven baked (soldered) some custom designed LED boards.



re-triggerable monostable 555

Quickly prototyping a re-triggerable monostable 555 based on this page: however I prefer the PNP variant as it stays on when being retriggered while the Reset-pin variant goes briefly off.


LED + numitron fun

more LED fun. Interrupt driven second counter and 25ms change 360 values rainbow color table lookup; should probably add interpolation for the table for the larger changes.

Using ARM-cortex-M0+,  tlc59116  and 74hc595.


Guess what?

You wonder what this is?
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We love IFTTT !

Since we discovered IFTTT, there has not been one single meeting where we did not mention it. It is paving the way of the Internet of Things as we want it. Easy, open, scalable, inventive…

Hearing that they just received an extra 30 million USD to further grow makes us happy.

Congrats !

more here.