The very first Internet of Things agency

We provide strategic advice, technical expertise and prototyping abilities to help you turn concepts into tangible products. Our approach allows faster and cost-efficient delivery of innovation projects, to help you go from idea generation to physical product development and market testing, before mass-production.

The Internet of Things is currently the top priority for most companies. Access to faster and more affordable innovation is now possible, yet a big challenge for companies as it requires specific skills & methods. Productize offers these services so you can keep up with the competition.

New Business models

The Internet of Things will play a crucial role across all industries in the 5 coming years.

New models, new partners, new customers, new products. But also new competitors, new threats and new skills needed. Stay ahead of the competition, set new barriers: act now.

We live in a tech world

The world is to be connected to satisfy the always on need of businesses and consumers. Everything becomes technical. Security, big data, protocols, communication, firmware, hardware, software, middleware. We have the right skills you need to embrace the IoT trend.

Get it done, quickly

Garage startups can go quick and gain traction. We provide you with startup-like prototyping agility and speed to leverage with your core strengths. From designing to electronic boards, housings and digital prototypes & mock ups, we enable you to test the customer experience in a snap.

A Four Step Process

Our agile process allows us to quickly offer you sound propositions to fulfill your Internet of Things strategy. Most projects we work on get a go for prototyping, because it allows to rapidly assess the market fit and test the traction. It’s then time to go to market.

Strategic analysis, Brainstorming & Ideas

We map your environment and analyze your position. We formalize it as a start for a joint effort to brainstorm with your product teams to generate new ideas bringing the current product and services in compliance with the new IoT new game.

Concept & Proof of concept

Based on a prioritization and qualification process of ideas, we draft the concepts and build playable demos, both for the physical as the digital part of the customer experience. Teams can already live the product.

Testing & Improving

Playable demos become prototypes. Early prototypes are tested by developers. Following series (pre-MVP) is offered for testing to the customer. A first alpha series is launched with a structured test process. Then beta version is tested with selected customer panel.

Produce & Go to market

Final product is defined and validated. Production, QA and certification are planned. Go to market is being next.

Our references

Featured cases

Featured Case: OTAKeys

Featured Case: OTAKeys

We were requested to challenge the way cars were shared so we came up with a brilliant car sharing system that adds a SAAS virtual key vault releasing key to your smartphone. Thanks to an app, users can open and start cars using the virtual key enabler : the KeyzeeBox. A very lean way of sharing cars thanks to a very low investment, quick installation and absence of maintenance… A success!

Featured case: Fleye

Featured Case: Fleye

We were requested by Fleye to assist them with the electronics of their challenging drone project.
It now flies thanks to impressive brains : integrated dual core computer packed with sensors (accelero, gyro, magneto, sonar, altimeter, GPS and optical flow).
Our value throughout the project : technical skills, flexibility and … not always doing as told, challenging ways to do things to improve them.
But most importantly, allowing Fleye’s team to focus on the core value and real magic of this drone : the aerodynamics.
Soon on Kickstarter, London TechCrunch Disrupt, CES in Vegas!

A team to deliver our promises

We are a team of experienced professionals, with complementary backgrounds and expertise to successfully deliver projects.


Pauline Vasse

Pauline is a skillful engineer. With a background in home automation, she has previously worked in France for one of the key players in the connected home area.


Seppe Stas

Seppe has been involved in several software projects while getting closer and closer to the real thing : microcontrollers. He works mostly on embedded software but bakes PCB’s as well.


Siemen Smolders

Having dived into the worlds of chip design and the automotive industry, Siemen is never afraid of an exciting challenge.
Creatively designing hardware is his passion, providing quality is his mission.

Maker in temporary residence

Julien Dutertre

Julien adds the hardcore skills to the team. Printing concrete as a hobby, building auto suicidal robots and such things nobody else would have thought of.


Harold Grondel

Harold is the managing director of Productize.
He has strong experience in consulting for SMEs and is a successful entrepreneur, with expertise in product creation and market strategy for small companies.

Tech guru

Joost Damad

He lives and breathes technology, having more than 16 years experience as an engineer. Joost is specialized in hardware prototyping, and masters the art of circuit boards, chips, and functional programming.

Industrial Designer

Justin Lalieux

Justin is in charge of product design. With 8 years experience in industrial design, he now conceives beautiful and functional connected objects, taking into account both customer needs and technical constraints.

Innovates Business

Koen Breyne

Seized business opportunity generation guru willing to mix his skills with IoT passion.


You as an Electronics or Software Engineer?

We’re currently looking for talented engineers.
You love tech and its challenges?
Designing schematics and laying out traces on PCB is a leisure?
You want to participate in the connected objects revolution?

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Project Manager

You as an Innovation Project Manager?

We're currently looking for an innovation project manager to work on several implementation projects.

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Marketing Intern

You as Marketing Intern?

We’re currently looking for a marketing intern. You’re directly in contact with the founders of Productize, executing challenging branding strategies.

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Sales & marketing Assistant

You as Sales & marketing Assistant?

We’re currently looking for a Sales & marketing Assistant. You’re directly in contact with the founders of Productize, executing challenging tasks in a key role.

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Hard to keep up to date in an ever changing world. We try to curate a decent view of the IoT world in our main blog.

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Live from the lab

If you are not afraid of tech jargon, you can dive deeper and see what happens in our lab. At your own risk.

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